Sunday, 29 January 2012

A touch of winter at last.
It feels like it has been raining for months..... wait a moment it has been raining for months, 3 dry days since October. This is the wettest winter we have had in the last 14 years and local farmers say the ground has never been so wet, so a chill in the air and a little snow on the tops is a welcome change. I dug my camera out as a pair of sundogs had appeared in the sky and the sun was shaping up for a fine sunset. I hot footed it up Little Barrow to catch the sun setting, which it did - behind a thick bank of cloud! At least the snow on Scafell looked good and to sit on the little hill as the sun went down was very peaceful but note to self, put a torch in the camera bag, you'd think I would know better!
Despite the weather we had a good Christmas and New Year with a saved loin of Soxy going down very well. As usual it is pretty quiet up here at the moment so until the 5th of Feb we are offering rooms at £30 per person for BB quote fb30 and phone to book, also keep an eye on our facebook page for more special offers.
Beer Tasting
On the 29th of December  Brook House arranged a tasting to determine the golden ales representative from the North West which will go forward to the Great British Beer Festival.
Ideally eight beers should have been present but one did not turn up, lost in the Christmas post maybe!

The competitors this year where as follows, 3 from Marble Brewery in Manchester, Bitter, Pint and Lagonda IPA, Bowland Brewery Hen Harrier, CLA Langdale, Hawkshead WPA and Ulverston Flying Elephant.Amongst the judges were two men of the cloth, two chefs and a select group of CAMRA members with taste buds honed to beer sampling perfection.

The task was difficult - honest! The beers where all in great condition with many fruity flavours swilling about amongst the hops. As we tasted we had no idea which beer was which although everyone thought they recognised at least one, but not all the same one! I was sure I had spotted the grapefruit notes of Windermere Pale Ale right up until I tried the next ale which tasted just as fruity and equally as good.

Ably guided by Chris de Cordova we came to appreciate what we were looking for ­ the best overall taste with fruit yes but not dominated by a single  flavour, plenty of character, not too dry or bitter but with enough bite to refresh a weary walker on a hot summers day. The winning beer should appeal to a broad range odrinkers and have that drinkability which brings you back for more.

Suddenly out of the great range of ales a knight in shinning golden armour arose, distinct in its flavours but balanced and refreshing, fruity but with no danger of thinking it is made from some exotic fruit instead of  hops. Finally a long lasting finish and a return to the bar.

Just as it's namesake sits centrally in the heart of the Lake District, Cumbria Legendary Ales Langdale is now the North West Golden Ales entry to the GBBF 2012 and sits permanently on the bar at Brook House Inn.
Throughout the year we will strive to keep Cumbrias best beer on the bar at Brook House Inn, with fair prices and a smile from  our team.

Beer Festival Dates 14th-17th June 2012

New Tennents will be arriving soon at the Boot Inn, lets hope they like good beer!