Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Awaiting Indian Summer

It's a long time since my last post, sorry if you were waiting. I have just read back my last post and note that I was complaining about the rain, so I will just say that it has not rained at all today! Yet.
We have had quite a relaxed summer at Brook House, not as busy as we might like but still lots of lovely customers both old and new. We have been a touch conservative with our beer selection this year, but it is hard to get away from the fact that Cumbria Legendary Ales and Hawkshead  produce probably the best ales in the country, ranging from Windermere Pale at 3.5% to American Invasion at 5% with Brodies Prime keeping the dark hunters happy. Having said that The Boot Beer Festival was its usual successful self, inspite of a touch of rain, we had over 45 real ales on over the weekend at Brook House, with about the same at the Woolpack, and about 30 at the  Boot Inn, which is going through a time of change, still no long term tenants/managers, but we hope it will be fully involved again next year.
We have a new sign out side the front at Brook House, featuring Holly as our new poster girl, yet another entry on her growing list of job titles!

On the penultimate day of the School holidays the sun finally shone for a while so Emma and I set of up the valley to find somewhere to swim. Emma likes water and does not seem to be overly affected by the cold, in fact there has been a roll reversal where I now get cajoled into going swimming. It was well worth the walk to find stunning clear green water and white cascades far past the last home in the valley, this is wild swimming at its wildest, in England at any rate!
The Upper Esk has a selection of large pools and waterfalls culminating in a classic gorge, providing a grade 3 scramble in dry weather, it would have been a more challenging undertaking in these conditions. I love living in this valley!
Talking about the valley, the Tourist board have commissioned a photographic event called Lives in the Landscape which involves a number of photographers exhibiting in the valley and a selection of outdoor installations. I am proud to say Brook House Inn is hosting a collection of my photos, arranged by the curator of Kendal Brewery Arts Centre. The Exhibition is to run from now until the end of October and there are various displays throughout the valley so come and have a nosey. Autumn sunshine is on order, get it while stocks last!