Friday, 25 October 2013

Lovely Year


As always my blog starts with a weather update and an apology for not writing anything since last September, when I was hoping for an Indian summer, which finally arrived 12 months later!  A patch of snow stayed on Harter fell until the 14th May but from then until now we have had more than our normal share of warm sunny weather, which has made for a lovely season with happy visitors.
As a consequence of the late start to the spring following such a hard winter, it is now noticeable that the leaves have stayed green much longer than usual, so as we come to the end of October the autumn colours are shaping up for a spectacular display. I shall be out with my camera soon!
This was a quick snap whilst cooking breakfasts yesterday, which shows just how green everything is, still waiting for the first frost.

Wine Festival

Over the last couple of years Paddington and Harry Berger at the Woolpack have been holding a wine festival, this year it has been suggested that we take part along with the Boot Inn.
The Dates are November 21st-24th. At Brook House we are going to offer all our wines by the glass, along with some from our suppliers and possibly a supermarket or two.
On Friday 22nd Nov we will have a 6 course set meal with a specially chosen wine with each course, booking is required as numbers will be limited. Our normal menu will be available throughout the festival.
Entry is free although some events at the Woolpack will be chargeable.
The wines are available in standard measures, but also 50ml wine tokens will be available at 3 for £5 or 8 for £10.
2 nights dinner bed and breakfast including the Friday night 6 course meal and wine is just £135 per person.

Winter rates

 Through the winter season rates start at £75 per room for bed and breakfast. Book by phone on 019467 23288 or online from our own website at to get the best rates.

Suppliers old and new

We have a new fish supplier this month, Steve @Ravenglassfish, bringing beautiful fresh fish when we want it. The Hake with asparagus and a scallop sauce is selling well, and getting great comments. Fresh crab salad for tomorrow.
Our meat suppliers have stepped up there game with most of the beef, lamb and pork coming from the Lakes or North Lancashire. Claire one of the local farmers brought in some lovely lamb today, which grazed the field pictured above, shame it has to go all the way to High Newton and back to be slaughtered!

 Over the summer we hatched out some duck eggs under a willing but later confused banty hen! The resulting ducks now out number the hens due to loses to mr fox. Only two female ducks out of the six hatched so it looks like duck could be back on the menu for a short while. For reference the sexing of ducks is based on which ones quack, the males apparently have no quack.

New Year still has rooms available at £250 per person for 3 nights dinner bed and breakfast.

Don't forget the Boot Beer Festival 5-8th June 2014.

Thinking about a small whisky festival for next year.

Enjoy the coming festive season, drink sensibly, stay within budget, but don't compromise on quality.