Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Storm Desmond

Generally the 2015 season in the Lake District has been good, busy at times, a bit chilly in summer, warm and sunny in autumn and wet in November, so nothing new there!
Just as we start to think about snow topped fells and crisp frosty mornings along comes Storm Desmond, Eskdale was lucky the bulk of the rain fell 10 miles north and a little East. We received about 2 inches in 24 hours, much the same as normal at this time of year. Honister, not far away as the crow flies saw the rain gauges receive more rain than ever recorded in the UK with a swamping 13 inches (341mm). This has caused devastation across the North and East of the Lakes and Cumbria, well documented throughout all forms of media.

The clean up operation is already underway in many places, Cumbrians are hardworking folk and will crack on until the job is done. BUT investment and incentive will be required, The government should play its part, and I sincerely hope it does. Cumbria sees over 16 million visitors a year, spending over £2 billion. ( lots of tax comes from that Mr Cameron) Most of this money stays in the country.

Cumbria is full of small businesses all paying tax in this country so please get your next short break or main holiday booked in the Lake District, brighten up the day for some of the hotels and holiday homes affected by the floods. Talk to them, find out when the right time to come will be, as some areas are still inaccessible.

When booking hotels and BB's please book direct, most places now have online facilities and smaller places will be happier to take bookings by phone than through a booking agent.

Booking agents take at least 15% of the entire booking, that is £15 in every £100 that will not be re-invested in the Lake District and probably not taxed in the UK.

Holiday cottages often choose to use an agent as it makes life easier, so don't feel bad about this third party element. There are even a few local  agents in Lake District including Sally's Cottages which started life with one cottage to let in Eskdale and now handles hundreds of cottages throughout the Lakes
Esk View Holiday Let

Another great way to book a holiday in the Lakes is to book a walking tour through an agent such as Alan Heppenstall. Alan has been arranging self guided walking tours for many years, and we at Brook House Inn have had the pleasure of guests from as far afield as Tasmania trekking through the Lakes on one of his walks.

If you would like to help directly, an appeal fund has been set up to help individuals and businesses affected by the floods please visit The Cumbria Community Foundation just giving page, every little helps.

The Lake District Open For Business All Year

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